Block Paving Refurbishment imageBlock Paving Refurbishment image

Block Paving Refurbishment

Block paving refurbishment can quickly restore your driveway or patio in North or South Wales near to its original condition. It takes 3 simple steps:-

Step 1 - After pre treatment with fungicidal wash/weed killer the entire driveway or patio would be cleaned with a rotary head design commercial pressure washer. This would remove all dirt and grime whilst also cleaning moss and muck from the paving joints

Step 2 - After being allowed to throughly dry fresh kiln dried sand would be swept into all the paving joints to help secure the blocks and restrict potential growth between gaps in the paving

Step 3 - We would then apply two coats of Smartseal high quality acrylic sealer. Properly sealing the paving gives long term protection from loss of colour, staining, algae and dirt. The added benefit of applying block paving sealer is the jointing sand becomes solid effictively restricting further moss and weedgrowth.

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